Jillian Dare – Melanie M Jeschke – 2009

19 Mar

Paula Philip – Author of this post!/pphillips7

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Jillian Virginia Dare , an orphan abandoned as a baby as grown up and passed from foster home to foster home living a Disckensan Styled life – think Oliver Twist.  At 20 years she is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go leave her smalltown of Shenandoah Valley and be a nanny on a big plantation out in Virginia . There she is put in charge of caring for baby Cadence Remington and as Jillian gets to know Cadence starts to feel that she is in some ways similiar to Maria in the Sound of Music. Out Jogging she accidently causes Mr Ethan Remington ( no relation to Remington Steele) to crash but as they have not yet met , they aren’t aware of who each other really is. Ethan relaying the story describes Jillian as an Elven Maid those references from Lord of The Rings. All is fine until Jillian starts to recieve threatning emails from someone only known as CC. Shrugging it off , Jillian starts to think its somebody pulling a prank until all these people start appearing in her everyday life with the initials CC , from Corinna Cooke the Maid to Calvin Cole the Lawyer and Crystal Carter – Ethans Ex-Wife and the Leading lady in the Broadway Show “The Woman in White”. With all this happening , Jillian and Ethan can’t help but fall for each other and when marriage bells start ringing , can Jillian stand up from the role of The Nanny and will Ethan not succumb to the Hollywood pressure and gorgeous ladies he has to deal with being a movie Producer. An excellent read that in someways is also similiar to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.


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11 responses to “Jillian Dare – Melanie M Jeschke – 2009

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