Mian Mohsin Zia “ONCE”

18 Apr

What would you do if you hurt the woman you loved beyond what is in human nature to forgive? That is the problem that Morkel has to overcome. As the celebrated author, ‘M—, No Time for Love’, Morkel has vowed to never write a love story, or a story with a female protagonist. A staunch bachelor, Morkel is set in his ways; he has vowed to never fall in love. However, during a holiday in Kiev Morkel meets a ‘person of interest’; someone who will change his life forever. Though, as his name suggests, he still has ‘no time for love’. Unfortunately, as he is about to learn, love has time for him and it has come knocking at the door of his heart. Will he open the door or ignore the knocking? Will he abandon the title he has worked so hard to create, and, by so doing, forge for himself a new title and destiny? How long can love wait for Morkel? How long will Morkel wait for love? “O N C E” boasts everything you could possibly look for in a novel. It has drama, romance, and love in action. It will take you on a heart-pounding emotional rollercoaster ride. It also includes three poems, two by the author himself and one modified by the author according to the need of the book, by consent of the original creator. Some added features accompanying this book include a picture gallery designed in Mexico and exclusive to this work, an international team who has worked hard to bring you this work of art, ranging from the United States of America all the way to South Africa, and a picture gallery representing the female protagonist fresh off the streets of Ukraine. “O N C E” also contains strong religious commentary, focusing on Christian’s love for God, church, prayer and each other, as well as bringing some elements of Islam into discussion as well. Buy the book  ONCE  For eBook visit:

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