Virtually His By: Dee Brice

16 Nov


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His Virtual Virgin

Venus and Jupiter fear that Mars is about to cause yet another interplanetary war, and decide to distract him with a battle of the sexes on Earth.

 Venus selects Celine as her champion. Celine is of Venusian descent and working on Earth as a sex surrogate. Like every Venusian female, Celine can regenerate a virtual virginity until she gives her true virginity to the man she will love for the rest of her life.

 Jove (aka Jupiter) chooses Keefe as his warrior. Keefe is of Jovian descent and, like every Jovian male, has a secret he will reveal only to the woman he will love for the rest of his live.

 His Virtual Assassin

 What do a sexy Jovian inventor, a beautiful Venusian healer and an ambitious Marsian ambassador have in common? They all want the inventor’s “veracity detector”. Connor will do anything to ensure his machine is used for its intended purpose–to detect the truth. Ambassador Pushin want Connor to modify the machine so he can use it for his own schemes. Kendra, the healer, wants to prevent another interplanetary war–even if she has to betray her healer’s oath and kill the Marsian to succeed.

 Adding to the confusion, meddlesome Herma-Frodie–a hermaphroditic hologram–conspires to arouse Connor and Kendra to sexual frenzy. Separated by thousands of miles, they dream of making love to each other, and thanks to Herma-Frodie, the sex is incredible. Trapped together in zero gravity, their passion overwhelms all other emotions. Now they just need to overcome a hurtful past as they try to reach a happy ending.


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    give me now

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