JOB LOSS, A JOURNEY IN POETRY by Donna Marie Merritt

15 Dec

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Hi! After 15 children’s books for the educational market, my first book of poetry for adults is out. Since I’m not well-known (translation: no marketing money or any kind of publicity), I thought I’d reach out to my FB friends.

JOB LOSS, A JOURNEY IN POETRY is about the emotional turmoil that results from losing your job. This book is the first in a new series called Poetry for Tough Times. My second book is due out this spring (CANCER, A CAREGIVER’S VIEW) and the third will hopefully be released in 2012. All are from personal experience.

The publisher is in England, but the book ships from a distributor in the US, so there are no overseas shipping charges. I am hoping not only to introduce people to my poetry, but also to help others who are going through a difficult patch. If you know anyone who might be interested, I would be grateful if you could pass this info along. If not, just delete this message. No big deal. 🙂


If you have a local independant bookseller, we would like to suggest you order your copy from them. You will be supporting the retail venues that take chances on stocking books from lesser-known authors and small independant publishers. The ones that are so passionate about what they sell and recommend to customers that they willingly provide content that may never make it on a Best Seller shelf without that support.

You can still order a title direct from us. That is a direct support that further enables us to provide you with works from authors that are less mainstream or even unknown. Your Dollar or Pound has power. It is you that decides whether we -all of the “we” involved in producing and selling books- can continue to bring you that which we feel should be read!”

Book Sellers may purchase direct from Nielsen’s BookNet or contact us with your enquiry at


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14 responses to “JOB LOSS, A JOURNEY IN POETRY by Donna Marie Merritt

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  2. Donna Marie Merritt

    December 20, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    THANK you for promoting my poetry! The easiest way to order is by clicking on Order USA: Job Loss/Add to Cart at

    Thanks again!

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