Touch of Danger

18 Jan

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When superhero Londo (Valiant) Rand breaks through her door to save Lina O’Kelly in a burning hotel, she knows that’s just the start of her problems.  Londo’s foes have temporarily blasted away his powers, leaving the two of them to outrun a mercenary army across an otherwise deserted South Pacific island.
If they’re lucky they can reach safety until Londo’s powers return. But Londo doesn’t want that, not yet.
 This is the one day in his life he’ll be able to touch someone without the potential of accidentally tearing them to shreds. Too bad that psychic Lina is acutely phobic to touch. What the world’s greatest superhero asks for is what she’s unable to give.Can they escape terrorists, gales and ghosts to find haven? If they should fall deeply in love, how will they cope when Londo’s powers return and he’s too strong to hold Lina in his arms?
Read a excerpt from the first chapter here.
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Though born in a small town in Illinois noted for its nineteenth century demonic possession cases, author Carol A. Strickland claims that all those voices inside her head are a result of having stories to tell and books to write. Even so, her unholy obsession with Wonder Woman would seem to indicate an abby-normal brain.

It was the sudden realization that her first novel was a romance and not

 just f/sf that prompted her to join Romance Writers of America. Their various workshops and mentoring programs have helped her get this far. She also keeps the requisite number of cats that Marion Zimmer Bradley declared a fantasy author needed to write well, and never writes on Saturdays that fall on the 14th of the month. Bad luck!

buy the book

Touch of Danger and Burgundy and Lies are her first published books. There’s also a short story, “Nothing to Lose,” floating around the Amazon e-site. A stack of finished and almost-finished novels exist that Carol is working on getting out there into the published world.

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One response to “Touch of Danger

  1. Carol A. Strickland

    September 9, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Thanks for including me here! I’d like to add that vol. 2 of this fantasy adventure series, Star-Crossed, is out now, and vol. 3, Lost in the Stars, should be out by the end of 2011.

    Burgundy and Lies is a sweet historical. Applesauce and Moonbeams, which will be out by the time anyone reads this, is a sci fi (does telepathy count as sci fi?) novel with romantic and comedic elements.


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