Book of Trinity by A J Ryder

05 Mar

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one woman’s struggle against poltergeist activity, demonic possession and ultimate Exorcism at her home in the quaint English village of Slapton, Buckinghamshire. It is unknown how the demonic spirit came to be at the cottage, but its presence resulted in a battle ensuing between God and Satan as they waged war for souls. Finding herself caught in the middle and desperate for salvation from the evil spirit and ghosts which resided with her, Joanna turned to the Church for help, only to discover that the Exorcist appointed for the task would be less than accommodating.

About the Author
Although ‘Book of Trinity’ was completed in 1995, it was swiftly assigned to a box in the loft, where it remained for 15 years. It was only after the topic of this book came up in idle conversation with a friend, that the original manuscript was retrieved from its box for the friend to read. A.J. Ryder had never previously attempted to get this work published, rather the book was thought of more as a personal thesis at the time of writing – the objective being nothing more than an attempt to try and gain a better understanding of the whole experience that had happened in that house all those years ago. So why publish it now? Well, maybe its time for the story to be told …


A.J. Ryder was born in Hertfordshire and educated at Kings Langley Comprehensive School. It was here that she had the fortune to be taught by English teacher, Miss Hawkes, who’s passion and enthusiam rubbed off to the extent that A.J. Ryder discovered a love for story telling through the written word.

Despite that love, A. J Ryder is a self-confessed dyslexic, so has always found this medium difficult to work with. This being the case, A.J. now prefers being creative through music as a singer and songwriter.

A.J. currently plays bass guitar in a covers band, as well as doing a spot of backing singing for good measure.


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8 responses to “Book of Trinity by A J Ryder

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