Southern Superstitions by Barbara [BJ] Robinson

07 Feb

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Prayer versus Southern superstitions when a woman’s husband mysteriously disappears in the swamp on a deer-hunting trip. As steamy as the hot, thick, sticky heat of Louisiana, this page-turner will keep readers in suspense, as the author spins a tale of love, loss, superstition, pain, heartache, and faith in God. God and the power of prayer versus Southern superstitions. Through belief, faith, hard work, the power of prayer, and God’s help, this powerful, moving story is a thought-provoking Christianromantic suspense about a young couple who fall in love, but have to change her mother’s mind in more ways than one, if their relationship is to survive. Can Andy convince June there’s more to their relationship than friends? Will he win the approval of Myrtle, her mother, and can love survive strawberry season and an April flood? Will June be able to give Andy a child?

BJ Robinson is a true romantic as she develops the love relationship between the two main characters, June and Andy in this well-written novel. These soul mates fall madly in love despite the initial lack of approval from June’s mother, Myrtle. Andy, with his enthusiastic charm manages to win her over and take the place in her life of the son she lost at birth. Mrs. Myrtle, as she is fondly referred to, is the one chock full of superstitions. Whether it’s a black cat that has crossed her path or her belief in good luck charms like a rabbit’s paw to ward off evil, Myrtle has a way of constantly reminding the two love birds that bad luck is coming their way.

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