Adveture’s of Frank DaPug

30 Nov

1 Frank DaPug

I am a writer and my book “Adventure’s of Frank DaPug” is an anthology of animal stories told though the eyes of me, Frank DaPug. I am member of a Snowbirding family and enjoys life on the open road in our fifth wheel dog house.

This is my first book of many more to come and I will be donating 10% of all sales to one of the three dog Rescue groups listed in my book. This is my way of helping out my four-legged friends.

I believe in and support many Rescue Groups all across the United States and donate whenever I can. I have had animals all my life. These three are one I help allot, maybe you can too.

Pugs For PINKY Foundation

Raises money to help sick pugs and their people with high medical costs. They started their foundation in 2012 after the long time sickness of Pinky from a brain tumor. Lisa (Pinky’s Mom) had Pinky with her 24×7 as the little pug had seizures. Pinky wore a little pink helmet to protect her head all the time and slept in a special crib wearing bells to alert her Mom of problems.

Pugs For Pinky holds actions for fun inexpensive items on facebook and on its website. Come say hello and maybe put in a bid I do as often as I can and have won many fun things.!/PugsForPinky?fref=ts

PJ‘s Small Dog Rescue

Is a not for profit 501(c)3 rescue. The purpose of PJ’s Small Dog Rescue is to foster homeless dogs, spay/neuter them, bring them up-to-date on their shots, de-worm, flea treatment, and microchip them before they are adopted into their new forever homes. We also try to educate the public who have unaltered dogs to the reason why it is so important to spay/neuter their pets as there are far too many unwanted dogs ending up in the shelters/rescues.

We DO NOT adopt our rescue dogs into home with unaltered dogs or cats. We adopt our small dogs to homes mainly in the SACRAMENTO, STOCKTON, ANTIOCH and East Bay surrounding areas, but we will consider adoptions outside our adoption area. We have volunteers located in Sacramento and Isleton areas. These dedicated people volunteer their love, support and hard work and are the best volunteers in the world. We are an all volunteer non-profit small dog rescue and no one receives pay for all the hard work that is so rewarding to us all.

DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc.

DFWPRC is a 501(c)3 charity organization, and is one of the largest pug rescue organizations in the United States and has rescued and placed over 5,000 huggable, squeezable, absolutely adorable pugs. We rescue approximately 10 pugs a week.

We rescue ALL pugs regardless of age or medical condition. Since we rescue ALL pugs, our veterinary care is our biggest on-going expense and we average approximately $250,000 a year in veterinary expenses. This amount is after our veterinary care clinics provide deep discounts. 100% of all funds donated to DFW Pug Rescue are used to pay for Veterinary care.

Please remember to buy though the Giftsofdawn aStore   you help out Lee & Linda [and of course me] with each purchase large or small … we are in the 99% …

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