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Books free the Mind of a child, have you told your child a story today?

Reading to a child:

   Is the single most important thing you will do as a parent, the mind of a child is a wonderful place filled with imagination.

   Here at Gifts of Dawn I want to encourage reading as well as singing to children, I want you to tell them stories of your childhood or about there forefathers.

   Give them any connection to the past and family that you know about. Sing lullabies your mother sang or make cookies as she did with you. Teach them, they have value as a member of the family, and you are proud of them.

   I am a Durkee (you remember Durkee Airlines, Durkee Spices, Durkee Mayonnaise) and I remember the stories Nina Durkee (my grandmother) told me about my sea faring family, how I came from the sea, from a long line of sea captains.

   Her words were music to my imagination and I transformed her stories into my stories, I needed to belong. I was a sick child and was in bed most of the time.

   If you are a writer or author and would like a page I would welcome you with open pen. (Free) As one tiny voice we are not heard but as a bigger voice we can be heard.

   If you have a website cross-link with me lets become that LOUD voice and be heard. It a small world and we speak from everycorner.



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