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Night Demmons by Howard Hopkins

Deep within the blood-drenched walls of an ancient mansion Nathan Courtwright initiates a bizarre rite that will fBuy at amazon.comree every depraved soul since time immemorial to prey upon the living. Halted on the verge of success, he discovers the cost of failure is far greater: living interment in the family mausoleum, his demon soul consigned to a netherworld of suffering for all eternity. But when the mausoleum is torn down a century later, the evil that was Nathan Courtwright escapes…an evil capable of prying into its victims’ deepest fears and blackest nightmares. Haunted by frightening visions, Paul Stanford returns to the fate-shrouded town of Dark Harbor, Maine–a town filled with sorrow and dark memories. Within days he finds himself locked in a desperate and terrifying struggle that spans a century-old feud and demonic desires.

Only he holds the key to the door of the damned-a key that will cost him the life of the woman he loves and his very soul. A key that will fill the world with Night Demons…


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