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Weeping Willows By B. J. Robinson

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A young couple tries to outlast another couple and survive a haunted mansion to win a honeymoon in Hawaii. Angela peeked out the window. “They’re beautiful. What are they?”

“Beautiful and deadly if ingested.” Kevin stressed. “Oleander bushes.”

Angela glanced out the window again. “They sure bloom beautiful flowers. It’s hard to think something so pretty could be so deadly.”

“Yes, their beauty is deceptive, like a woman.”

When I was a little girl, Daddy was in the process of building my mother a home on an Angie, Louisiana red cliff. I remember standing on the edge and looking down into what was an abyss to me. Of course, I was small so perhaps that cliff wasn’t as high as it appeared and the gulley may not have been as deep. This story was born out of that experience and the use of my writer’s imagination. Daddy sold the house in Angie before he finished it and moved us to another part of Louisiana so Mom could be near her people. He knew he wouldn’t be around much longer. We lost him when I was four on Christmas Day, so I have only my early childhood memories of Angie, Louisiana, which neighbored Bogalusa, Louisiana, and a paper mill we could smell when the wind blew. When the wind blew just right, we could still smell it all those miles away in our new Louisiana home. This is a contemporary short story set in Louisiana.

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about  Author Barbara BJ Robinson

I’m a Christian writer who writes Christian romance, devotionals, and short stories. Follow my blog at

Jesus is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

“I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about writing. I know your writing will help others. In fact, you’ve helped

others–for many years.” That’s how a friend and colleauge describes me. I share my heart and soul through my writing, as well as my passion for and love of Jesus. I’m working on a Christian Romance novel titled Hidden Treasures. Two devotionals were recently published with MustardSeed Ministries and seven were accepted for Devotions with Standard Publishing in Spring 2010. Another has been published in Words to Write By: Author Devotionals Compiled by Robin Bayne, for a total of ten published devotionals this year.I spend most of my free time writin.My husband and I have two dogs and a cat. One dog is a German Shepherd.

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About Author Mike Faricy

Hey, thanks for being interested enough to get this far. I’m the oldest of five children, born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1951, the height of the baby boom. I graduated in 1973 with a degree in history. My very patient wife and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota and Dublin, Ireland.

Immediately after college, I went to work for 3M Company in sales. Not finding the corporate world to my liking, I left 3M and took a job in banking. I liked that even less and entered the Graphic Arts Industry. I loved it and worked in the pre-press (lithographic) industry for over fifteen years. Sadly, the industry no longer exists, replaced by digital cameras and computer programs like PhotoShop. In addition to all that, I’ve been a soldier, a freelance journalist, a bartender, a seller of designer cakes, as well as owner of a painting and decorating company. On the off-chance that none of my paying jobs managed to offend you, I also play bagpipes in the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band.

All my books are stand alone, read them in whatever order you like. I hope you find them enjoyable page turners, filled with the sort of oddballs we’re curious about but prefer to keep at a distance. None of my characters will be saving the world from terrorism, international banking conspiracies or coups to take over the government. Rather, they inhabit a world just below the surface of polite society, characters with one foot on both sides of the law, and serving not so much as examples, but as warnings. Thanks again for taking the time.


An entertaining tale of intrigue, rank ineptitude and one night stands. Dysfunctional PI Dev Haskell wakes up in bed with his latest client and she’s signed him up with the Russian mob. Their ‘special’ relationshp quickly finds Dev at odds with the local police and an FBI Task Force. In the process Dev places one foot on both sides of the law. Another fast paced, engrossing supense thriller from Minnesota‘s master of the bizarre, Mike Faricy.   also available in ebook


Anthony, DiMento, known as Merlot, owes money to germaphobic mobster Declan Osborne and has a week to make things right. Robbing a bank is about the only idea he can come up, of course he falls for lovely bank teller Cindy. Throw in Otto O’Malley, the brains behind the state fair taste treat, Deep-Fat-Fried-Bacon-On-A-sitck, season with a sprinkling of spice from exotic dancer, Serpentina. Top off with the sinister Ditschler brothers; Mendel, Lucerne and Elvis, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for another crazy Mike Faricy suspense thriller. An action packed, hilarious tale of crazy people, doing incredibly strange things in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

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